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Preventative Ergonomic Consulting

Prevent work related injuries with ergonomic consulting from our physical therapist in Santa Barbara, California. By making some important changes, you can create a setting that improves productivity while reducing safety hazards. The office/industry work risk analysis we provide for you is a written report that includes:

• Review OSHA 300 Injury Record
• An Evaluation of Work Design and Worker Habits
• Biomechanical Work Task Description
• Specific Recommendations for Reducing Risk Factors
• Identification of Risk Factors That May Be Causing a Problem or Have the Potential to Cause
  a Problem
• Photographs and/or Video, Which Depict Problems and Risk Factors
• The Corrective Recommendations in the WRA Report Fall into Five Categories
  - Job Design Ergonomics—Reduce the Required Stresses of the Job
  - Education—Teach People Not Just What to Do But Why to Do
  - Exposure Reduction—Reduce Time Exposure to Stresses 
  - Stretching Exercises—Increase Relaxation and Circulatory Perfusion
  - Empowerment/Enforcement—Enforce the Policies You Decide Are
    Right for Your Company
• Specific Recommendations and Solutions for Redesigning the Work Area When Necessary
Lady at Desk - Ergonomic Consulting

• Recommendations for Ergonomic Equipment, including Sources for Obtaining Equipment and Estimates of Cost of Equipment upon Request
• Follow-up Worksite Re-Assessment Recommended Three to Six Months following the Evaluation Once Recommended Changes Have Been Made (Will
  Provide Instruction Regarding Use of Equipment Once Purchased)

Questions regarding the ergonomic evaluation are welcomed at any time.

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